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Mercenary Enrollment Manga AuthorYC
Mercenary Enrollment Alternate NameTeenage Mercenary
Status Publishing
Genres Action, Adventure, Drama, manhwa, Romance, School Life, Sci-fi
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Ijyu ijin main character of mercenary enrollment manhwa lost his parents in an aircraft crash when he was eight years old, leaving him stranded in a foreign nation and forced to become a child mercenary in order to survive.

He returns to Korea ten years later to be reunited with his family, where there is enough of food and shelter, and everything appears to be in order. But Ijin will soon discover that surviving as a teenager is a very other challenge. With only one year left of high school, Ijin must learn new strategies to navigate the schoolhouse battleground.

Will he be able to make it through a year of high school? Will the school be able to survive him, or will he be able to survive the school?

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Mercenary Enrollment Main Characters:

Yu Ijin is mercenary enrollment main character, also his sister

Yu Lee-JinYu Ijin is the main character of Mercenary Enrollment manhwa (Other Name: Teenage Mercenary, Ipak Yongbyeong). The story begins when Ijin, a teenage mercenary who was killed in a plane crash a decade ago, returns to his family. He tries to be a typical high school student while also protecting the family he hasn’t seen in years, but he is thwarted by crooks and kidnappers.
Yu Dayun
She moved in with her grandfather after her parents died and her brother, Ijin, went missing. She was the most popular girl in middle school, and as a result, many males approached her and asked her out. As a result, Heejin Kim and other envious girls at her school began to mistreat her, forcing her to buy food for them and abusing her in whatever way they could. She was eventually reunited with her brother, who looked after the bullies for her.

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Dushik CHA, Dushik CHA, Jaehyeong LEE, Jiye SIN, Seokju KO, Yeona SIN, Yeongchan PARK, Beomseok CHOI, Gisu KIM, Goseng CHOI, Hamchan KANG, Huijin KIM, Inbae KIM, Inguk SIN, Iyeong, Kim, Sin

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Alt titles: Ipak Yongbyeong, Mercenary Enrollment manga online

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the art was nice felt the protagonict was to op especially conisidering the starting scenes it went from taking down military personel to taking down high schoolers no real story tension


It does not let us rest! Every damn chapters is so good! It’s unique in a good way. I can’t find a story just like. I can’t rate it 10/10 due to lack of chapters, and we do not know where the story is going to lead us. But it is definitely a good read.


I really like how the main Teenage Mercenary character goes into the school without much of a personality. It leaves a lot of room for character development. I can only hope the author knows where he’s going with this or is going to turn into God of Blackfield(which is 95%talking at this point, and every 5 chapters there’s some action). The action is pretty good, but please, if the main character doesn’t start to develop soon it’s gonna get boring


Mercenary Enrollment manga online is that kind of relatively heartwarming story where an older brother protects his younger sister. The only problem with this is that the story doesn’t set up this premise at all and essentially places a child soldier into a school and has him be adjusted to society and be a pretty nice guy.

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Is mercenary enrollment and teenage mercenary same?

Teenage Mercenary Enrollment Manga

Yes, the same .Yu Ijin is the main Character of the Mercenary Enrollment manhwa (Other Names: Teenage Mercenary, Ipak Yongbyeong).

Who is the female lead of mercenary enrollment?

Shin Yuna: is a gorgeous teen with pale skin who is the granddaughter of the owner of the SW Group, a multinational corporation with a global presence. Sukjoo, her personal bodyguard, is with her at all times.

Where does teenage mercenary take place?

mercenary enrollment manga manhwa

 Ijin Yu lost his parents in a plane crash a decade ago, returns to his family. He tries to be a typical high school student while also protecting the family he hasn’t seen in years, but he is thwarted by crooks and kidnappers.

Is mercenary enrollment in Webtoon?

Teenage Mercenary on WEBTOON, US readers will enjoy this Manhwa.